March Madness

The dribbling cost of entire lives play the best of the best on our screens. I don’t have time to watch most of the games, but I’m impressed by the effort of those who have nothing to lose except if they lose. The defense is impeccable. And defense is 9 parts effort, 1 part intelligence. […]


My attitude toward cleaning has changed since having created a steady supply of mess and muck to clean up, that is, my kids have helped me clean more, that is, my kids help supply more to clean—dishes, clothes, toys. My son was so surprised when I said I don’t enjoy the work that he pitched […]

Cheverly Day 2021

Ninety years after first foundations laid The groundwork for what has grown into Several thousand citizens in a municipality In northern PG County, we gathered to parade  And maybe a little, too, against the pandemic Which I’d venture most had vaccinated against.  We caught the parade’s tail end of flashing lights and sirens Followed by […]

Cheverly Writers

I live in Cheverly, Maryland with my family. We love the neighborhood for a variety of reasons, including a vibrant circle of authors and writers. The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated that we halt meeting in person to discuss writing and reading and all that, which I miss, but it hasn’t stopped members of our group […]