Cheverly Day 2021

Ninety years after first foundations laid

The groundwork for what has grown into

Several thousand citizens in a municipality

In northern PG County, we gathered to parade 

And maybe a little, too, against the pandemic

Which I’d venture most had vaccinated against. 

We caught the parade’s tail end of flashing lights and sirens

Followed by a band and “goodbye.” Then a routine lunch and naps

And I left for an East-West softball game which the East won by two runs, 21-19, and they scored 18 

In the first and third innings. I jumped into a third base fray

And didn’t help our team’s chances. A guy wearing a “Dilly-Dilly” shirt

Slammed a ball over the public works’ fence and into a dumpster.

And there were other happenings, but I enjoyed it

Enough to want to play more softball. I returned home for Nicole and the kids

And we returned to the Town Park

Where the kids played with others on the playground

And we gravitated to free popcorn and surveying the “Midway,”

Which games we might’ve played if the kids were older and we hadn’t committed

To visiting our friends. Our friends’ house parallels the park,

And specifically the annual Cheverly Day fireworks display,

And our host gave out ear plugs near the end of the kid frolic and adult talking 

Intermixed with eating pizza and s’mores and wings and more,

But the earplugs were too little too late to prevent terror, which we watched in its explosive rainbow spectacle.

And we were all tired afterwards, especially the kids—

A happy full-day of fun kind of tired.

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