Sleep Deprivation Deprivation

Many parents with young kids can relate to sleep-deprivation. There is a certain mania associated with waking up from a late and perhaps interrupted night to an early morning and rushing to dress and feed and scatter to work, daycare, school, and the daily hustle. It’s a rush if it weren’t also eyes closed and drifting to sleep in quiet moments.

Lately I’ve been readying for sleep later than I intend to. Often, it’s the busyness of life—always something to do before bed—that pushes me awake, deeper into the night. And often, I revel in a late-night show, snack, or game. 

The hustle is hard, and harder when sleep-deprived. But there’s a consistency and special rhythm in this pseudo-misery. Sometimes I think I maybe have become too accustomed to being tired, and so perpetuate the cycle because it’s familiar.

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