It can be easy to overlook the history and culture immediately surrounding us, especially as we grow up. We may travel to Chichèn Itzà, which by the way is well-worth seeing, but when was the last time you traveled to a local museum, art gallery, or uniquely local restaurant? There are not many textbooks written about North Dakota, and I find myself looking back now on my growing-up years and wishing I had taken a little more intention to delve into what surrounded me, roots that are a little tougher to tap now that I have moved away.

Recently, my son Asher and I traveled to North Dakota to visit my parents and to see my brother and his wife. My mom bought tickets for a food tour in Fargo, and our family traveled around downtown of the former “divorce capital” of the Midwest, sampling fare from different establishments while learning more about the local history.

If you don’t know anything about Fargo, it is enjoying a robust enrichment and a strong economy too—traits displayed in the easy-to-walk hub of an otherwise spread out city (all cities in North Dakota are spread out). We enjoyed our food and guided walk, which was highlighted on the local news. But more than anything, I enjoyed further plumbing the familiar and yet hitherto mostly unknown history and culture of my native state’s largest city.

By the way, you can read about and view the news story on our visit here:

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