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I live in Cheverly, Maryland with my family. We love the neighborhood for a variety of reasons, including a vibrant circle of authors and writers. The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated that we halt meeting in person to discuss writing and reading and all that, which I miss, but it hasn’t stopped members of our group from writing and publishing what they’ve written. I want to highlight a few recent successes, though this is unfortunately a little late of a congratulations.

Joe Clark released a second edition of his book “The Walshes.” He recently talked with Boomers on Books about the book and his other writing ventures.

Margie Burns spoke at an event, Reading Jane Austen, by Cheverly Village, analyzing Jane Austen’s life and influence. Her hosting came on the heels of her publishing in March the book Publishing Northanger Abbey: Jane Austen and the Writing Profession. Margie is multi-talented and intelligent, a teacher at UMBC and author of another book on gun control in the Second Amendment, which she highlighted at a book signing we co-hosted. She recently published a revised edition of that book called Commonsense in the Second Amendment.

Bob Matthews always offers friendly encouragement and perceptive insight at our group gatherings. He’s also a clever short story writer, and recently placed a wonderful piece about Ireland which is be forthcoming—hopefully a link to share soon of where to buy and read!

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